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Holiday lights and decorations should be removed within 15 days of the said holiday.

Please help keep Foxmoor beautiful. Trash cans should be removed from the street and hidden behind your gate no later than Tuesday night after trash pick-up.  Please place trash cans for collection on the street and not the sidewalk since it presents a significant safety hazard for our kids.

We receive periodic complaints about dogs off leash and owners not picking up after their pets, particularly when they do their business on a neighbor’s property or on the greenbelt.  Please be considerate of your neighbors by not allowing your dogs to run loose and please, pick up after your pet.

Please recycle your tree by cutting it in half and placing it in your yard trimmings can on your scheduled pick-up day. Be sure to remove all decorations, including ornaments, tinsel, lights, and tree stand. Trees collected in the curbside program will be mulched for reuse throughout the City.

From year to year, there is great uncertainty as to how much rain our area will receive, so it’s always best to be prepared.  Ensure v-ditches, roof gutters, drainage pipes and inlets to and within your property are cleared before and after each rain event. In order to conserve water and lower your water bill, turn off your sprinklers on rainy days.

 Fall and early winter is the time to take a serious look around your yard and check your trees. One of the main concerns in any yard is how safe trees are during the winter winds and rain storms. Of biggest concern are large trees that either lean or are growing on hillsides. Leaning trees may very well be strong or they could be leaning because their root structure is getting weak for one reason or another. Large trees on hillsides are not as well rooted as trees located on flat ground. Look for large dead branches or broken branches hanging up in the tree. Also consider how thick the foliage is on your trees. If you can’t see through them and they catch the wind like a sail on a boat, perhaps it is time to thin them out a little. Recent history has proven that during heavy winds and saturating rainfall, the most common trees to fall down are eucalyptus and pines. That is not to say that any large tree does not have that potential, it just means that they are usually the most likely species to have a problem with winter weather. If you are not sure what to look for, call a Certified Arborist to inspect your trees. If you don’t know who to call contact your Property Manager for names of the Certified Arborists that they trust.










 Due to an increase of thefts from vehicles in shopping center parking lots during this holiday season, the Thousand Oaks Police Department is asking residents to lock their vehicles and activate car alarms while shopping. Most recently several vehicles have been entered through unlocked car doors and valuable property was left in plain view.
To avoid becoming a victim, please remove valuable property or properly stow it in a location not visible from outside of the vehicle.

Contact the Thousand Oaks Police Department at 805 654-9511 or 911 to report suspicious persons or activity.

The clubhouse is available for rental and is a great place to have an event! To rent the clubhouse it is necessary to print out and complete both the Rental
Procedures and the Rental Form on the Foxmoor website: Before filling out the forms, please call The Emmons Company at (805) 413-1170 to check on availability. We work on a "first come, first served basis". The clubhouse has central heating and air.
The pool is currently closed for winter.  The pool will reopen this spring, once the weather warms enough to cost effectively heat the pool.

The Police Department wishes to alert you that burglary groups are targeting homes throughout the City.  Frequently these criminals are targeting homes without active alarm systems where no one appears to be home.  They knock on the front door to determine if someone is home and then pose as repairmen or solicitors.  If someone knocks on your door, don’t ignore it.  Respond from the other side of the closed door that you are not interested.  If you are alone, speak loudly as if you are talking to others in your home.  If you have an alarm system, use it!  Place alarm system signs in your yard.
All residents need to be on high alert.  Be on the alert for:
Vehicles driving slowly on your street
Parked vehicles that are occupied
Unknown vehicles parked in front of neighboring homes
Suspicious or unknown people walking through your neighborhood.
If you walk or run, carry your cell phone so you can call in suspicious persons or vehicles while you are out.  If you have a camera on your phone, take photos of vehicles or suspicious people, if possible, and without detection.  DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL THE SHERIFF IMMEDIATELY AT 805.654.9511 OR 911.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the Foxmoor clubhouse.  Hope to see you there!  The agenda is posted on the clubhouse door the Friday before the meeting.

 Don’t hesitate to call or email us directly if you notice problems in the common areas like graffiti, broken sprinklers, fallen trees, dead shrubs or lights out.  We are happy to contact the appropriate vendor.
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Kathy Emmons, Association Manager

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